i'm vanessa and i'm finally seeing julian casablancas that's the only thing that matters

"bitch it’s his goddamn birthday show him some titties" - me trying to convince lili to flash julian on saturday

me on my period: *eats everything within 50 sq miles of me*


Brooksy from the Growlers posing a little for me.

Hackney, 2014.

Anonymous asked:
Yea that's true I don't live in NYC but I have been to most of the places u mentioned when I've gone. I was just asking to see what places u would mention


Anonymous asked:
Where do u recommend they should go

literally anywhere else other than times square!!!! lol there is so much life in NYC, so many things to do, it is soooo dumb to restrict yourself to a couple blocks of a tourist trap. go to the moma, go to soho, go to the brooklyn flea market, go to strand (or the hundreds of other cool bookstores you can find like shakespeare and co), go to the high line, go to rough trade, go to east village and visit st. mark’s place, i love that street. granted a lot of nyc if not most is becoming pretty gentrified but still, times square is probably the worst of the worst. don’t limit yourself

when people visit nyc and spend all their time in times square…… come on man

i dont fuck with skins US or its supporters


Kohei Nawa forms a cloud-like landscape made of foam

Anonymous asked:
do you have songs in mind that youd consider doing the do to?

specialist by interpol…